Jon Oh's Adventure

Musical Works

You know they say R&B soothes the soul, and I can not find too many people that would disagree; there is nothing like a neo-soul jam to ease you up a bit. Probably even try and hit a high note or two lol. Now-a-days though it feels as if the soul has been missing from the music, how many times have you heard people talk about how much they miss the music of times past? I even notice youngsters, younger than me who sought after and coveting 80s and 90s gems. No need to reminisce too much more though, hip hop indie Jon Oh! promises to deliver everything you have been missing and more.

Taking a cue from the popular Jhene Aiko grocery line on Omarions Suppose To Be, Jon Oh! expresses his love for the apple of his eye.

Let a ninja eat the booty like groceries

Typical love song, right? Not exactly; what makes this one particularly special is the way it is put together. First time through, you are thrown for loop, after loop as the beat switches at intervals from slow two-step to bounce. Sounds a bit hectic but for some reason it all blends perfectly. Has the sweetest, soulful hook that will make you just wanna close your eyes and pull her closer.

This will be the second hit off of the work in progress, (Your Favorite Black Guy) that he has been so silently at work on.

This one is actually a bonus that was orchestrated in like 20 minutes tops. I just really got to thinking about that one...the only one that make me wanna eat her groceries, lol

Jon Oh! did not wanna give an exact date but promised that the album would be out soon enough. From what I got to hear so far, I honestly hope so.

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