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Big Al!


What up peeps?  Today’s piece is really special to me.  If you follow me then you know I rarely talk about my life or it’s woes rather.  I find no reason to complain about life when we have  it so good.  But I got a it of news this past week that hit sort of hard.  If you listen to my music then you know that I pride myself on the fact that I was born with my father’s hustler genetics.  He wasn’t in my life nearly as much as I wanted him to be, but the little time that I got to spend with him was magical.  Me and my brother basically got whatever we wanted.  He had a driver, multiple women...maan I’m talking about a young, black, man havin’ thangs.  All these memories came rushing back this Tuesday when I found out about his death...what’s worse is he’s been dead for months now.  I honestly didn’t know how to take it at first…

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See we have to backtrack first to last year of so when I tracked him down on Facebook...you know everyone has Facebook.  I quickly sent him a friend request & never got an answer.  That lead me to posting this depressive rant about how my own father denied me, but people around the world were accepting me.  Added more fuel to my fire...the passion I have for my dreams.  I mean I had a planned out speech of what I’d say to him when I saw him.  How I’d eventually forgive him though, and the whole sh-bang.  There’s nothing like death to make you re-evaluate yourself though.  Like I was making preparations for a dead-man, instead of continuing to reach out to try & remedy the situation...given there was one.  This is what makes me feel the worst.  I was sitting there thinking that he was trying to avoid me when all the while up until his death he was trying to find me!  I felt like such a


Whatbut what’s more important is I got to thinking about family members who were far more accessible who I hadn’t spoken to in forever for the simple fact that I take it for granted that they’re living , and will be for a very long time; when in actuality none of us have that privilege of knowing if/when they’ll die.  Needless to say life has a new meaning for me, but I won’t get all soul searchy right now, rn I just wanna reminisce

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He's Just a Thug & I Love Him Yo, So I'm Gone Spread That Love!!!

"Its Myyyy Geaaarrrr!!!"(Samuel L. vc)

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