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Civil Unrest

"They say n*ggas hang in packs and their attitudes are sh*tty/Well tell me whose the biggest gang of n*ggas in the city?", a quarter century later and these lyrics are more relevant than ever. I just read that Will Smith said police related deaths aren't increasing they're just being filmed. Judging from past rap lyrics(as well as disgruntled young black males) this statement is more than correct. This summer only escalated things as the police shootings got more blatant and people got more outraged. Two shootings in particular is what really brought these issues back, or should I say above the surface. One of them being the shooting of a cafeteria supervisor named Philando Castile; which was actually video-taped and broadcasted to Facebook by his girlfriend Diamond Reynolds. Of course Mr. Castille was unarmed, and only reaching for his lisence, but I guess it seemed like too much of a risk for officer Jeronimo Yanez to take as he fired four shots into the vehicle which also had a kid in the backseat.

The worst part about this shooting, (I know, how could it be any worst right?) is that it occurred no more than a week after the death of Alton Sterling. Another black male executed in public.

A lot of people claim this was all Sterling's fault stating that he was purposely reaching for his pistol because he was a felon and didn't want to go back to prison. I mean even if that was the case, don't they train cops to shoot to wound, unless in a life or death situation? And these cops certainly don't look like they were in a life or death situation...especially since there was two of them holding this guy down. This shooting is what actually brought people of all races together for multiple protests and sit-ins...which eventually lead to the death of 5 police officers during a sniper attack...

Following this there was a lot of talk about martial law being enforced in the near future. Honestly I don't know where we're headed as a nation, or the world for that matter.  All I know is that the enemy is greater and more evil than we imagined, and we really need to come together or we're doomed...

Boko Haram Continues To Terrorize Nigeria

So I guess we're just going to act like Boko Haram isn't still causing hell in Nigeria. I don't know how many times they will make headlines before people take a real notice to their violence. People showed a lot of concern when they kidnapped all those little girls, and you'd think their concern would've went through the roof after the fact that they never returned them, but instead people seemed to have stop caring. I guess Boko Haram got a whiff of their power and have been hungry for more blood, money, and power. They have a 20K+ body-count in the last six years (at least that's what's been reported) and turned at least 2.5 million people into refugees. Their latest attack, though reasonably lower in body-count when compared with their most gruesome, still has details to give you the chills. A four-hour onslaught that involved burning children alive. Where was the help, and what took them so long? I'll let you obtain the rest of the deets yourself. Hopefully it sparks something in you that will get you to sharing and to be more concerned with the matter....

Boko Haram Continues To Terrorize Nigeria

Sam DuBose's Family Awarded 4.85 Million

Well this is a start. I just came across this article and it did make me crack a smile. Money is not the issue; it's the fact that the police were policed, finally. And not only in this case. Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray's families have also been awarded money exceeding the $5M mark. Let us never forget the human lives that were lost during these ordeals, and strengthen the awareness of our communities so that it doesn't have to come to this. Even more so, so that we're not nervous every time they pull us over, especially at night. And finally if we can get all other families awarded in this manner, then maybe a REAL CHANGE, in this lifetime is possible... The article below is credited for all information shown here

The Dubose Family Awarded $4.85M



First off. Fvkk Law Enforcement. 2nd. Fvkk Law Enforcement. 3rd. Fvkk Law Enforcement. I got some bad news yesterday that really shake a n*gga whole world up. These muhfuggaz...nvm all you need to know is a good man of the community, a leader is behind bars for some bvllsh*t. I know ppl say that alot but harsh reality is that sh*t happens alot. Yeah some ppl deserve to be locked up, but this definitely ain't one of em. "Feel like ya riding in ya bed when ya riding wit me, this Mega B!" I put this on everything, that was one of my favorite lines from the 263 era. When my bro bro told me he was doing in-house production for him I was proud as a b*tch. Always supported the Bezzle Inc movement, another proud as a b*tch moment happened when they drop the movie. Active brother, preached righteousness, encouraged people to vote, I'm talking a seriously good Samaritan. I guess good isn't good enough sometimes though as I mentioned before he is incarcerated at the moment for more than one unjust reason, but we won't dwell on that. What we'll dwell on is the fact that he's made more than a name for himself, he's built a legacy & what we should do is keep his legacy strong in his absence. From what 'dem boy' say he'll be gone for about 3-4 years so lets uphold what this man has built. I know I don't even have to tell the label members this but for those who don't know and may have heard, or whatever the case. Sharing is caring. Share the story, the music, and put forth nothing but positive energy in the universe for him

Police Body Count May Hit 1000 by 2016

So this was quite a year for the police. 940 shooting deaths, that were reported at least, with just about 150 of them being unarmed and 'undetermined'. Now for a hot little minute all these deaths were the talk of everyone's town, but it seemed like the more stories that popped up the less people cared. Not sure if it was because they grew fearful, and stopped showing their feelings, scared they'd die too, or maybe they just grew accustomed to the killings. Either way we need to get back focused on what truly matters; #OurLives. For instance Jamar Clark was shot execution style, while in cuffs just a little over a month ago in Minneapolis. The police had reported that there was a scuffle and he had resisted arrest(of course). I guess they hadn't seen the witnesses who reported the total opposite. There has been an investigation launched and the officers involved have been placed on PAID administrative leave. Now we won't speak on the paid administrative leave because it's self explanatory how fu...nevermind. Anyway though, let's get to my growing frustrations with these investigations; they're technically too late. A life has been taken by that point, and also it's like, the police are waaaay too comfortable with killing people. Shooting first, dealing with questions later, and not really showing any guilt or remorse. And it's not just black lives anymore, they kill any race. I took the liberty of leaving the link to all the reported deaths so far this year. With a little over two weeks left in the year, there's lots of time for this number to rise to 1000, which is ridiculous. You might ask what could you do, but honestly there's numbers of things from petitions, to donations, to sharing stories to keep people informed. This is not a fad, or something that will wither out if we give it no attention, it's quite the opposite. As I say always we need to come together, & pay more attention because the enemy is greater than we can imagine.

Police Related Shooting Deaths in 2015

Corey Jones : Killed For Being Black While Waiting on Tow Truck

So I guess we're just target practice at this point. Imagine sitting in your car that's broken down, waiting for the tow truck. An un-marked car pulls up, an unidentified person gets out moments later you're dead...probably can't imagine it because you're dead. I would say I couldn't believe this one, but the sad part about all this is it's totally believable. At this rate cops will be killing blacks for being black sooner than later. I shouldn't have to point out the obvious wrongs in this, like the fact that the cop was off duty, or not in uniform or in an unmarked car, no, no. I won't even rant about how the family has yet to see the body, or even told where it is, or what Corey Jones was supposedly armed with. I really am just going to leave this here in hopes that you share his story as much as possible being that it's still early, and we can hopefully nip this injustice in the bud. And whilst I go I'll forget to mention that the cop is on a paid leave...Damn shame. On a serious note, I say this time and time again. We need to come together, because the enemy is more evil than we can ever imagine...

Cop Who Shoots Innocent Civilians in Drunken Rage Sentenced to ONLY 9 Years

So this is another one that slipped the radar, mine at least. Some police got drunk together, and jumped in their cars (violation 1), or at least one of them and proceeded home, but got stopped by one red light of another. I guess irritated by another car that pulled up he decided to release his road rage, 13 shots(violation 2) into the passenger side of the vehicle, hitting the passenger six times(violation 3). When pulled over, he had a short-lived stand off with the cops(violation 4) before he finally surrendered the gun and his keys. The passenger lived, and obviously the cop went to jail, but no connection was ever made between the two gentlemen. Last week, the cop, Brendan Cronin, went up for sentencing and received 9 years... So that's two counts of attempted murder, two counts of first-degree assault, and don't forget the drunk driving. I mean I'm no lawman but that don't add up to me. Attempted murder is 5 to ten years depending on damage. A bullet barely missed the passengers head and hit the headrest, so..... yeah. He has two counts of that. (10-20) Next first degree assault with deadly weapon is 1 to 20 years, he has two counts of that as well. (2-40) And finally being drunk during the whole ordeal which can only make things worse, and he gets a whopping 9 years. Guess they just charged him with attempted murder, slight damage. Being a cop comes with perks I guess

Jeremy McDole : Death of a Handicapped Man

When I first read this story the first thing I thought was, This is fvkked up. So apparently cops are more afraid of us than we are of them, which is something that I already knew, but all jokes aside. How harmful could a paralyzed person be? I mean I understand that he may have been armed but that does not take away from some key elements in this one.

1st off the cops were just as aware of the fact that the victim was already wounded, aside from him being paralyzed. The next big issue, and the biggest imo is the fact that they ordered him to drop his weapon, which he was not holding at the time. When he did try to go for it they shot him at leastten times. This makes their argument of he was reaching for a weaponcompletely null and void, given the fact they were the ones who asked him to unarm himself. Another point I want to make is that from the POV in the pics and video they were not too far from him to rush him, and unarm him themselves. Given the fact that there was more of them than there was him. Two of them could have gone in for the take-down while two of them stayed back with guns drawn given Mr. McDole was trying to have a shootout. Which I doubt.

Now the last of my arguments holds a lot of weight as well. Even if there was a need to shoot, what happened to the cops shooting to wound instead of kill? The news report clearly says the 1st cop on the scene had already shot Mr. Mcdole once before the other officers even showed up. After they did, orders to drop his weapon were yelled mixed with ones to put his hands up??? Just so we are clear here, let us place ourselves in the shoes of Mr. McDole. You are paralyzed already wounded, then shot again by a police officer. More pull up and they are all screaming different commands. I would be nervous, confused, and really anxious. I take it back though, I can not even imagine being in that situation. And the aftermath really makes me realize how awful the situation really was.

There is supposed to be a private investigation launching pretty soon to figure out rather or not the police actions are justified. The officers involved are on leave at the moment.

New Slaves

This...article went publicized waaay too long for me not to give my $2M. It's WTF factor is so high I'm surprised it's not a nationwide, school/work interrupting the OJ trial was...

Ex-Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr Jailed For Selling Kids To Private Prisons

Well first let get a small back history. For anyone that doesn't know, there's lots of privately-owned prisons/jails in the US that are For-Profit, meaning they make their money according to an occupancy quota that is set between the state and the prison. When the quota isn't met, it comes out of the pockets of taxpayers. In short when the jail/prison isn't filled the state has to make up for the shortage money-wise. Keep in mind that most of these quota-rates range from 90-100% occupancy, with MILLIONS coming out of taxpayers checks, etc. when they aren't met. Don't be too surprised though as Mr. West, a/k/a Yeezus told us all about this on New Slaves.

"Meanwhile the DEA teamed up with the CCA, they tryin to lock n166az up/ they trying to build a new estate/ thats that privately owned prisons, come get your piece today/ they probably all in the Hamptons, bragging bout what they made"

Ok back to this dude Mark Ciavarella Jr., a 61 year old judge who was  sentenced to 30 years in prison as well as ordered to pay $1.2M in restitution fees. A rather light punishment when compared to the thousands of lives he's altered, unjustly, by jailing people(mostly teens) in return for payment through a deal he secured with a prison developer. Through these shady dealings the old bastard accumalated at least $1M, (I say at least because I'm sure they downplayed this number drastically, when given how long he's been a judge. I guess old buddy thought instead of working hard he could jump the line XXX WRONG XXX! From what I researched they caught him in 2011, but gave no clear indication of when he started. My guess is as early as 1-2 years after his job was secured. There's no reason to feel good abbout this because there's still so much undoing to be done, but at least you know some of the correct steps are being made.


”jon0h-nocondom-March-Zion-Jon-Oh-Brougham-T-Coleman-No-Condom-charleston-SC-strong I might get lots of backlash for this one but I pride myself on truth because it's my integrity. When I read the short story under the image of this I was like "Fvkk is it ever going to end?" Until I saw the surveillance video for this one. Now in anyway shape or form am I saying that this is justified, at all. Its just a different spin on things. On this particular case for once the officers were responding to a legitimate vandalism, burglary call. The victim was in the wrong, but he didn't deserve to die. Honestly though the whole thing is odd tho

WTF is the key word as my initial response. Like I'm not gonna lie I feel like if I was to see this before knowing about his deat I would've said "Smh, this guy is going straight to holding when he's done", but that's was the old way of doing things, obviously now they kll you on spot for your crime. Now I find it crazy that when police first arrived at the scene four officers ikled back some, and let a rookie cop prsue the Christian on foot inside the building. What's more odd than that is that the rookie in question is 49. Like you should be retiring at that age. You shouldn't be allowed to police period. Now a cop who saw most of the shooting said he thought that the "rookie" had pulled his taser but he didn't and that the use of police force that the "rookie" took was very questionable, which goes to show you that this cop, either doesn't like blacks, or he just felt waaay too powerful with his badge....being the fact that he's a rookie and all. The father of Christian says he isn't concerned about what happens to the cop right now, and that he doesn't know anymore than the general public. He says both families (his and the "rookie") are both at a loss here. I agree with him totes but you can't overlook the fact that, that "rookie" mishandled tf out of that situation, and with guys who were more experienced around why did no one intervene? Once again I state we need to come together because the enemy we fight is much greater and more sinister than we imagine....



Well there's no way good way to say this, but it must be said. COLOR DOESN'T MATTER. This one right here made me declare officially that it's not a race thing. It's sheer Population Control. I really think it's a secret bonus/reward you get for killing people, but you have to get away with it, or deal with the consequences on your own. It sounds sick but it's just a gear in the grand construction of this evil plan. Martial Law and things go all to hell from there. Back to the story tho

FOX Carolina 21

DrugBust is the key word here. When you think of bust you think of armed policeman kicking down doors, and going after LOTS of dope and/or weed.If its that gritty then maybe a shootout. But here what we have here is an undercover setup to but an ounce of weed. He didn't even make the deal which makes even less sense. I always thought they had to make the deal before they could bust you, but apparently not. The report he approached with his gun drawn. And what happened to shooting out a tire, I guess the kid with the ice cream rally had a gun in his ice cream huh. Now you have these unarmed kids, who had an ounce of weed, and you said it was a setup, but you never engaged in a deal. Thats all kinds of fvkk'd, and shows that the value of life means nothing to these people that we call cops. SSnd we can trully say that #ALLLIVESMATTER and not just Blacks because it's obviously not just us, and for the record(and I want you to look this up yourself)just as many if not more whites have been kiled by cops than blacks. Just a little FYI. Once again I state we need to come together because the enemy we fight is much greater and more sinister than we imagine....

Jonathan Sanders | Eric Garner Pt. 2


And once again we're here. It's sad that I can make fresh posts, just about everyday trying to aware folks of yet another senseless case of extreme police brutality. Jonathan Sanders was hashtagged on my timeline yesterday. And it's like the more I get involved with spreading awareness, the more I want to get involved. So it was second nature to click the hashtag. All I needed to see honestly was the word/state Mississippi to know there was no ifs, ands, or buts about if the cop was in the wrong or not. I just wanted to know how bad it was.

Can we say Fvkk'd Up or FVVKKK'D UP? The minute I read this story and what type of town it was, I was just bombarded with thoughts of the 50's and 60's when racial tension was thick af, and blvkk's had to use seperate facilities and what not. Like you know it's a case of extreme prejudice and racism. After reading the full story my thoughts were confirmed. A racists ass cop felt the need to abuse his authority and kill an innocent black man. What makes it so fvkk'd up is that this man was in a horse drawn buggy. Like how fvkk'd up do you have to be to not only scare the shyt outta his horse, causing it to buck and throw over the buggy, but proceeding to kill him! Not try to detain, or arrest, like you went straight for illegal manuevers. No need to follow proper police procedure because nobody's gonna know right? Yeah that's what he thought. I wish somebody had recorded it, or did record and footage just hasn't surfaced yet, or been circulated. Not that I want to see a man...a King getting killed, I want cold-hard evidence so there is practically an open and shut case. And this Kevin Herrington gets life with no parole. But who am I kidding. That probably wouldn't even happen if footage surfaced and Herrington pleaded guilty to murder on top of a hate crime. This shyt is outta hand y'all. I don't know how much I can stress it before people realize it. And it's not that they don't realize, no one cares until they are victimized. Why wait that long though is my only question. If you're reading this please share, share, share! It's about the awareness here, these are our lives being taken away. Not just plants and such that we can replace, but a whole human life is taken away for nothing just baout everyday now. Saddest part is we're watching it, some of us turning the other cheek, hoping it don't happen to us. Then there's us who want to know what can we do to change the situation. What type are you?

Kendrick Johnson | Gym Mat Murder


Who Is Kendrick Johnson? poppep up on my TL some days ago, and at first I couldn't put two and two. There's a new story...stories of police unjust everyday, and I couldn't think of which one it was. Researched the hashtag and all it took was the snapshot of the gym video for me to realize who it was. Comes to find out there's an update on the case that should serve what the family, as well as all of us with a heart, calls justice. Seems that the FEDS have interviened, and seized all electronics of everyone involved in the case in any way, from the family, to the cops, even the accused and their families. Watch below:

There's no reason to be happy about this let's get that clear, but it is a bit relieving to see that the blatant cover up in this death won't go as unnoticed as planned. While I'm not one to promote pusishment as I feel it is life's job, I do hope everyone gets exactly what they Deserve based on their involvement.


”jon0h-nocondom-March-Zion-Jon-Oh-Brougham-T-Coleman-No-Condom-charleston-SC-strong When I sat down to update today I didn't know what it was going to be on, and thought about this New Orleans Documentary like "Fvkk Yea!, Imma just put that up then," and I was stopped in my thoughts cold and this picture came to me.


Sandra Bland. With so much of this type of avtivity going on so much now a days(or just being brought to light) it's hard to get into the details of every single one (though we should), but her case is perhaps the most blatant cover up of suspected foul play yet.

Now after this obvious Not Routine traffic stop, Sandra Bland wound up dead three days later, found in her cell hanging from a neuce with her head in plastic bag. What caught my attention (and probably tons more others) is the Hashtagged Phrase: If I Die In Custody, I Did Not Commit Suicide. After seeing it a few times I determined it had to have something chilling attached, and it was. The story of Sandra Bland was spreading, and raising lots of eyebrows and questions. Questions that have yet to be answered. Her funeral was today, and the family is still left with no clear answer other than the suicide bs, but a thorough investigation is suppose to take place. I can't say I'm not anticipating the outcome though I don't want to (be). I'm tired of seeing these stories, never no avail in the end. A great unjust, a great uproar, only to end up as another murder left to the family of choosing. We need to come together because the enemy we fight is much greater in power than we imagine. But as I stated a week or so ago, that I won't tell it, I will let what's going on in America tell it's own story...

"saw what's been happening on the news, stressin for weeks this what came out when i tried to speak"

Trayvon Martin

Mike Brown

Eric Garner

Freddie Gray

Charleston Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Slaughter

Seven Black Church Burnings

"Its Myyyy Geaaarrrr!!!"(Samuel L. vc)

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